Outpost Studios is San Francisco’s favorite post-production audio facility, located in the historic Waterfront District.

Our studio brings over 10 years of expertise to deliver 5.1 Dolby mixing, sound design, voice-over, ADR, Foley as well as custom music compositions.

What's New

        Sony’s Ken Felton brought an upcoming video game (title disclosed) to Outpost Studios for our Foley services. Jen Myers was the Foley artist, while Dave Nelson engineered.   Dave Nelson, Jen Myers and Ken Felton Marc Farly, Jen Myers and Dave Nelson Jen Myers and Dave Nelson  

Tiffany Shlain brought her web-series “The Future Starts Here” to Outpost Studios for complete audio post production services. Our engineers Dave Nelson and Miik Dinko worked on dialog editing, EFX editing, sound design and mixing. There are 8 episodes to her series and are available to watch on AOL. Be sure to check them out!