Outpost Studios, Inc. is a premiere post-production audio house in San Francisco, offering 5.1 and 7.1 Dolby mixing, sound design, voice-over, ADR, Foley, M&E’s as well as custom music compositions.

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Way to go Tiffany Shlain and The Moxie Institute! We loved working on The Future Starts Here – so happy for all of it’s success! See MoreSee Less

So excited!! Our show "The Future Starts Here" was just nominated for an Emmy Awards for New Approaches in Arts, Lifestyle and Culture. We jumping for joy!!! -tiffany cdn.emmyonline.org/news_35th_nominations_v01.pdf

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Client Endorsements

“Mr. Nelson’s technical professionalism is beyond doubt but what attracted me to Outpost was the all pervading climate of creativity, which inspired me from the moment I walked in. Mr. Nelson was the epicenter of this creativity.”

- Werner Herzog

“I just wanted to report to you that I was pretty blown away by the sound that came out of my home system!  The environmental sounds were clean and very spatial, and it really did add a cinematic quality to the film like you had suggested. It’s not like other documentaries that I’ve seen. With the Blu-ray quality picture and the sound all put together, I was completely blown away by the quality of the film. Anyway, I wanted to thank all of you again for the care and thought that you guys put into the project. As I listen to the sound design of the film, I can feel you guys there thinking along with the stories and that’s pretty cool.”- Adam Chin, “Graham’s Tales

“For Rodrigo and I it was such a new experience being big on the screen and with 5.1 sound we were able to hear a lot of the little things that Outpost added that we hadn’t heard previous, and it really pushed the film to be even greater.”

Robert Machoian, “Forty Years From Yesterday

“Thank you for the wonderful sound mix that you completed on our 20 minute documentary sample! It was incredible to listen to the before and after versions and we are greatly appreciative of your willingness to schedule us in at late notice. We had a fantastic experience working with you and hope to be back again soon!”

Jhanvi and Ketaki Shriram, “True Son

“Just wanted to drop a personal note of thanks! Every time we’ve worked with you guys, you’ve nailed scoring and sound design to exactly our expectations. You’re great to work with and to discuss nuances and deliver in a way that our clients love what scoring can do to their motion and video pieces — so much so that we’re finding it easier and easier to add that on rather than going stock. You’re a top sound artist and studio to work with and for that we thank you!”- Harris Ueng of Duarte Design

“As a voice actor, I have the honor of icing the cake after you’ve baked it. The attention to detail and the professionalism of your recording engineers on the travel channel project was such a class act. Cheers.”

Andy Chanley

“The quietest sound studio in San Francisco. Love doing VO here & the Audio Gurus are top notch!”

Mo Mellady