Outpost Studios is a post-production audio facility located in San Francisco’s Waterfront District. The studio offers 5.1 Dolby mixing, sound design, voice-over, ADR, Foley as well as custom music compositions.

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Way to go Tiffany Shlain and The Moxie Institute! We loved working on The Future Starts Here – so happy for all of it’s success! See MoreSee Less

So excited!! Our show "The Future Starts Here" was just nominated for an Emmy Awards for New Approaches in Arts, Lifestyle and Culture. We jumping for joy!!! -tiffany cdn.emmyonline.org/news_35th_nominations_v01.pdf

7 days ago

Irene Lucio See MoreSee Less

7 days ago

Outpost Studios, Inc.Dave Nelson recorded ADR for actress, Irene Lucio for the upcoming film, Stranded in Paradise!1   ·  7 days ago

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